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washington boulevard and holland's fore road not causing significant backups. a 9 minute ride the outer loop from 795 to interstate 706789695 will bein great shape from parkville to towson. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >>> there are no words of gratitude strong enough for veterans, the sacrifices are emense and today we will honor them for everything that they have done for us. sherrie johnson is live to tell you how to observe veteran's day. >> reporter: yes, we are here live at mount vernon square right here where a little bit later this morning a number of people will gather down here for the third annual veteran's day march and ceremony. today's not just a day off work it's a time to remember those who served our condition dry -- country and who are still serving. stephanie rawlings-blake will be on hand for this event starting at 9 this morning right here at mount vernon square where it will wind downtown. the mayor will lead a march of dignitaries from the washington monument to the actual ceremony. there will be a formal ceremony at the war memorial plaza. a num
morning maryland. >>> back in business. a popular mount washington watering hole opening its doors after fire almost closed them for good. >> talk about home protections. police may a bizarre discovery during a drug bust. we will tell you what they found crawling around inside a suspended drug dealer's home. and we will show you the pictures. >> scary but an interesting story. >> he is a watchdog. >> when you have an alligator. it's tuesday morning election day i am megan sprinkle. >> i am charley crowson before heading out to the polls or take care of your task you have to know the weather. lynette is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> no rain on this day. this very important day you need to head out and vote but we have cold temperatures. bundle up as you head out this morning. and 28 degrees in frederick and also towson. catonsville at 81. we don't have the breezy conditions those will roll into the picture as we go into tomorrow as we talk about the nor'easter. but in the meantime, with the cold conditions out there, temperatures we have a freeze warning that's in effect un
sweeps the rest of the battleground states. >> according to the latest abc news washington post poll, this presidential race is virtually deadlocked with the president holding a 49-48% lead over mitt romney, among likely voters. >>> we are tackling a numb of issues concerning our state. one is question 6, has to do with same-sex marriage, a referendum. sherrie johnson is life with more to explain. >> we are here live in federal hill, this morning, 11:00, governor martin o'malley will be here to endorse question number six. it deals with same-sex marriage, there have been controversy over the question for the past several months, with clergy speaking out against it, when governor o'malley signed the marriage protection act in march, the laws affective date was pushed to january, gave opponents time to petition the question. a vote for the law would allow it to go in to effect and pemitt committed same sex couples to get married and make mailed the 7th state in addition to the district of columbia to approve marriage equality. this law wouldn't force jerry to perform ceremonies in viol
accident in jessup on washington boulevard at montevideo road. if you are traveling on 695 here at liberty road traffic starting to pick up. a 9 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 70. things also starting to congest here in parkville, 695 at hartford road a12 minute road on the outer look from 95 up to 83. and if you are traveling on 95 in white marsh no problems southbound from the beltway to downtown. that stretch will take just 15 minutes. >>> as more and more of us are seeing the lights go back on it's an entirely different story in new jersey. there they are waking up to what will undoubtedly be another day of picking through the rubble and those treasured possessions they had. just outside of new york city, kirk i know that you started out here in maryland over on kent island and made your way through new jersey. give us an idea of how bad it is and the things you've seen along the way. >> reporter: well, here in hoboken they're dealing with power outages and flood waters which have receded. we made our way up the jersey shore and saw some pretty unbelievable things. we s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4